Why you need to be writing pseudo code

If you have built a computer, an IKEA dresser, or even if you’ve baked a cake you should be able to recognize the importance of Pseudo code for programming.

How did Homer’s watch come off?

Pseudo code is the first step from planning to prototyping to execution. In plain English you are giving yourself a recipe complete is instructions and ingredients for how to accomplish a piece of coding.

Get a cup of enemies, a teaspoon of damage, bake at 475 and Voila, a dead player!

Firstly its important to actually write out what you plan on doing. This is especially important in longer pieces of code so that you don’t lose your way with all your other plans and get out of scope. It is self accountability right away.

Then when you figure out what you need to do, you can figure out where important pieces of information are stored. Are the variables stored locally in your current class or are they stored somehow attached to another game object.

The process allows you to build modular code that is easy to maintain, append, and change without worrying about big rewrites elsewhere in your code.

Keeping the scope as small as possible helps with modularity. Your plans should be concise so your future self or fellow programmers will thank you.