I’m no artist.

I appreciate artists though.
Let’s talk about animating our 2d game. We’ve got exploding enemies, powerups and shields so far in our game. We’ve already animated some of those. How are they done? And what does a 2d sprite animation look like in the first place?

We’ve created a number of powerups for our ship. We’ve created functions to handle each powerup being collected. We’ve created a couple If statements to handle those powerups.
But what if we need more?
Those If statements are going to start getting cumbersome as a programmer to read.

Physics, in a very vague and incomplete definition, is the study of how things interact with each other. Do objects bounce off each other? Do they pass through each other? There are several questions that a developer must consider when making a game. Because unlike reality, we are 100% in…

For a simple 2d shooter, there should rarely be a case where your hierarchy is cluttered beyond usability but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on good habits.

Fine tuning a project, or even just finding elements in the game can be a chore if you don’t organize!

What are…

Code, at its base, is written procedurally and read from top to bottom. In Unity a lot of code is being called during the Update method which is called every frame. But some code only needs to be called once in a while. …

If you have built a computer, an IKEA dresser, or even if you’ve baked a cake you should be able to recognize the importance of Pseudo code for programming.

Pseudo code is the first step from planning to prototyping to execution. In plain English you are giving yourself a recipe…

Not many arcade shooter games have a player stand still and do nothing. And since I don’t have the knowledge on how to make one of those work, I’ve opted to create a player that can move.

This movement is achieved with a little bit of Unity code, a trip…

Bob Hilbig

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